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Programming with the APR

2 minute read

This article will give you an introduction of how to program with the Apache Portable Runtime (APR). It illustrates a simple command line program.

Backing up roller weblogger

2 minute read

If you followed the Setup roller weblogger 4.1 on Glassfish v2 tutorial, or you do have a roller installation already in place, you probably want to back tha...

Switching roller from Derby to PostgreSQL

3 minute read

Since Roller seems to have problems with the Glassfish built-in Derby database, especially when it comes to Full preview (you might end up with an HTTP 404 e...

Free iPhone Ringtone #1

less than 1 minute read

I created a free drum and bassy iPhone ringtone, install it if you like :)

Setup roller weblogger 4.1 on Glassfish v2

6 minute read

This guide will walk you through installing the Apache Roller Blog Software, version 4.1(-dev). The installation I did, resides on a Debian based distributio...